A People's Theatre...

Perhaps it would help us in this hour of confusion better than anything.

2 October
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The essence of tragedy, which is creative crisis, is that a man
should go through with his fate, and not dodge it and go bumping into
an accident. And the whole business of life, at the great critical
periods of mankind, is that men should accept and be one with their
tragedy. Therefore we should open our hearts. For one thing we
should have a People's Theatre. Perhaps it would help us in this
hour of confusion better than anything.

--D.H. Lawrence, preface to "Touch and Go"

...I'm a student trying desperately not to be one. Alone, and gradualy getting used to it. Just smart enough to create problems for myself, but not quite smart enough to solve any of them. A fortunate son, born in an unfortunate town. A reformed goth, who lost the culture but kept the clothing and the music. A writer who can't write, a hopeful painter with no talent. Fat. Balding. I'm just a barrel of laughs...

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